Split Walk – Final Project

Matt Turnshek: Piano

Amelia Rosen: Visual Design, Live Video Manipulation

Guy de Bree: Composition, Live Mixing

For our final project, we were interested in exploring the mental space of a person with anxiety. We knew we were more interested in a come conventional piece of music performance, and we were working off the back of Matt and Guy’s research projects (two extremely different pieces of music we were trying to resolve into one), when the idea of exploring anxious psychology came up, and we felt it matched the direction we were going in well.

Structurally, the piece work as follows: Guy was live mixing an Ableton project containing a variety of recorded and synthesized sounds, as well as the lights in the room. Amy was using a Max patch to war a piece a piece of video to match the mood Guy was setting, and Matt was improvising on piano in response to what he was seeing from both Amy and Guy.

The piece contains a number of ‘phases’ that are switched between, that were meant to represent a gradient from normal to highly anxious. The more anxious the phase, the more aggressive the sounds guy was playing, and the more erratic Matt’s and Amy’s parts became also.

The Max patch we used was based off of adrewb@cycling74’s DirtySignal patch. We modified it to our tastes, and added controls for Amy to use.

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