Group 5 Final Project- “Creation and Sustenance”

Visuals: Raphaȅl mentioned the Montreal-based visual artist Sabrina Ratté when we were first thinking about visuals. We looked into her working methods and the concept of visual synthesizers was alluring to us. However, we could not get access to any visual synthesizers for the time being. But we still enjoyed the idea of using some electronic hardware for the visual component of our project. We started talking about doing a collage both visually and sonically.

The original idea was to have each of us record ourselves singing or playing instruments, associate the sound pieces with video clips, and have them both work like rain drops randomly triggered. As we started working on it, we started having doubts about this idea and it’s merit sound-wise. Raphaȅl had the idea of using an oscilloscope for visuals, which branched from the interest in visual synthesizers. We were able to get inputs from the microphone and have it show up on the oscilloscope in a visually interesting way. Since the oscilloscope resets every time it is turned off, we decided it was a better idea to record its reaction to sound ahead of time so we don’t have to tweak the setting during setup for the performance. Then Raphaȅl edited the visuals together to make a beautiful video. We had the oscilloscope in front of the audience during our performance to hint its usage in our visuals.

Sound: For the sound component of our project, we decided to go with the collage style. Cleo, Sean, and Jordan all worked on a short piece of collage-inspired composition, making use of Kyoko’s violin clips and Arnelle’s vocals. Arnelle then pieced all three individual parts together and read poetries by Tao Lin during our performance to transition between the pieces and to add to the collage theme we were going for. The sound and visuals were supposed to match up more in theme than with individual notes.











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