Project 1: Soundfields

Due date: Wednesday, February 3.  Be prepared to present your piece to the class for critique.  You will have a maximum of 10 minutes for set-up, so rehearse your presentation in advance.

For project 1 you will create a multi-channel sound collage based on field recordings that may be processed in any way.  Your piece may create a narrative or emotional journey, or it may evoke a sense of space – the artistic direction is entirely up to you.

The only requirement is that the sounds you are actual field recordings – they should come from a real acoustic space.  Recordings of nature, human activities, and machines are all great starting places.

You may also use traditional music sounds – the performance of instruments, synthesized sounds, existing music recordings, etc. – but these musical sounds be recorded, by you, in a real acoustic space.  For example, if you want to use a drum machine you should connect it a speaker and set the speaker up in an interesting acoustic situation – in a nice sounding room, or out on the sidewalk with traffic passing by.  Or if you want to use a sample from a pop song, you should play the music through speakers in a situation that transforms the sound – i.e. a reverberant parking garage or stairwell so the sound is transformed by existing in the acoustic world.  All the sounds we use should create a sense of place.

Review the syllabus for clarification of your roles in this project.  The Editor may use any sound organization software they like – but Max is encouraged and will be reviewed in class.  The Sound Designer should not only record sounds but polish and transform them.  The Scribe will create a beautifully formatted article on the class website with photographic, textual, graphic, and video documentation.  Please file your posts in the category of Projects.  Your roles may of course overlap and you can explain this in class during critique.


Interesting sounds

Sorry I’m late, I had some trouble logging in.

I find the ASMR phenomenon pretty fascinating. It’s a term applied to a wide variety of sounds ranging from ice cracking to haircuts to sensual whispering. People report feeling immense pleasure from these sounds, oftentimes sexual pleasure, other times people just report feeling relaxed when they listen to the sounds. The running theme I pick up on is that asmr sounds are supposed to sound like they are happening very close to or inside your ears. Here are some examples:

**no nudity or sexual content but definitely some simulated intimacy (?)